Errol Partridge, portrayed by Sean Bean – the character that the project was named after.

Welcome to the Partridge Project homepage. This site serves as the spiritual home of the project and all tooling and documentation.

Partridge is a collection of tools and web-based scripts that use artificial intelligence to┬ámake it easier to find, understand and assess scientific material. Partridge started as an undergrad final year project for James Ravenscroft back at Aberystwyth University in 2013. It has evolved into a family of tools and systems designed to make it easier for people to find relevant scientific information – a lifeboat in a stormy sea of online publishing and open access.

The project is named after Errol Partridge, a character from the cult Science Fiction film ‘Equilibrium’ who imparts knowledge of a cache of fictional books (banned contraband in the film) upon the protagonist, John Preston, eventually leading to his defiance of the state and the de-criminalization of literature.

Partridge is my dissertation project at Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom.

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  1. Hello,

    A very belated message, but, better late than never…

    I attended the CI Unconference 2015: http://ciunconference.org/uk/2015/ this summer, and really enjoyed the talk given by James Ravenscroft, whose e-mail I could not find! Interesting project, and very relevant to my trade – data harvesting, for which the construction of regular expressions are a staple… I would be very interested in getting involved in the project, if ever you require help in this area! Would be good to stay in touch anyway…

    All the best,


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