Monthly Archives: February 2013 – Downloading test data from PlosONE

One of the big problems that I’ve been having recently is a severe lack of test data for testing new machine learning behaviours with. I started off with just papers from the ART Corpus and manually cherrypicked some papers from

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Clustering adventures (contd.)

So I have been back through and done some more work on the clustering of the data. It looks like my algorithm is accurately clustering research and review papers correctly. To begin with  I had a very low k-means sillhouette

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Using CoreSCs to determine a scientific paper’s ‘type’

Since Partridge’s very basic web interface went online earlier this week, I have been focussing my attention on how to make the system do more intelligent filtering operations. My first area of concern is “How can we tell what sort

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Partridge now open for public testing.

The last couple of months have gone by incredibly quickly. I was minding my own business some time in December and before I knew it it, it was February! I’ve spent the last two weeks catching up on Partridge work

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